Sunday Art Studios – ZOOM

This is a pop up interactive arts cafe.
Public: Veterans (including U.S. Deported Veterans) & Military, Spouses, Kids, Allies, and International Community!

Workshop Online & On-site (limit 3)

Suggested Materials : Paper
2.5×3.5 ATC Blank Cards
3×5 cards
Pens, markers,and other art materials

Visit our facebook for dates, times, location and Zoom meeting information!

Artist Trading Cards

These 2-1/2 by 3-1/2 self-made, unique cards are the easiest way to get people of all skill levels to start creating. Make a card – name, sign and date the back then exchange it for another artist’s card. Your work of art can travel the world!

Cards for Veterans

Hand made by you and hand delivered by us! Brighten a day by creating a “get well”, “thank you” or “just because” card for a Veteran in the VA hospital.

PopUp! Interactive Exhibit

Our family-friendly “PopUp! Interactive Exhibit” provides materials and guidance for people of all ages and skill levels to:

  1. Make-A-Card for Veteran Hospital Patients.
  2. Make-A-Card for Active Military.
  3. Make-A-Card for Military Kids and Spouse.
  4. Make-And-Trade Artist Trading Cards.
  5. Custom-tailor an exhibit especially for you!

And Then…

We invite You to be an Artist, Donor, Intern, Sponsor, Teacher or Volunteer with Arts for Veterans to help us empower, educate and CREATE! Contact Us NOW!